About Ancient Reproductions

At Ancient Reproductions, we grow some of the most ancient plants and animals that currently exist on earth, palm trees, boa constrictors, and pythons. It’s a different name that comes from the thinking that we are reaching back in time to reproduce plants and animals that have origins up to many millions of years ago. Palms, for instance, are in the fossil record, in much the same form as today, that date up to and beyond 50 million years old.

In reptiles, we started in the dawn of herpetoculture in the late 80’s and grew our collection steadily, eventually producing several thousands of reptiles commercially. Having always maintained long term colony goals, I have been able to select for some stunning color and pattern variants. We are currently offering the most colorful Argentine boas ever produced and stunning Borneo short tail pythons.
Species farm produced include Albino monocle cobra, Indian Cobra, West African Gaboon viper, Kenyan sand boa, Argentine boa, Burmese python, Ball python, Green Tree python, Borneo short tail python, Brazilian Rainbow boa, and Dumeril boa.

Reptile production consulting also provided. Our typical focus is best practice improvement to maximize production, efficiency, animal health, and profitability. Following consultation, clients have realized as much as a 600% production improvement with minimal additional investment.

About Us

Ancient Reproductions was founded in 1989 when I decided to get serious about my huge passion for understanding and farming reptiles. In those years “farming reptiles” was just beginning and everyone looked at me funny when I used the phrase. It was a time when much of what we know today regarding husbandry and reproduction was uncharted territory. To be a part of the beginnings of commercial reptile production and doing things with these amazing animals that no-one in the world had done, was irresistible. At that time in pursuit of a biology degree and with a nose for business, Ancient Reproductions was born. Those years were the dawn of modern day herpetoculture and the opportunity to learn, work with and breed many reptiles was both exciting and extremely challenging. From that time, at Ancient Reproductions, we have successfully farm produced several species of reptiles, enjoyed some unique accomplishments, learned a lot and met many great people along the way.

On our 21-acre property in McIntosh, Florida, we enjoy landscaping, growing our own food, and farming cold hardy palm trees as growing plants has been a life-long passion. We care about the “footprint” we leave on mother earth and thus compost all of our organic material from our household and the farm including all of our snake and rodent bedding. Over time we are adapting more and more “natural” growing methods that we think are just good common sense, and they are working great. We also appreciate the wildlife on our property and work at land management that helps preserve good corridors, plant diversity and completely untouched areas. We also enjoy our dear pets, our cats that are all rescues and a lot of fun on the farm.

Bob Guerriere
Founder, Ancient Reproductions

Local Scarlet King Snake visitor


Nest of Wild Turkey eggs under Passion flower vine.

Vegetable garden with large perennial flowers to attract pollinators.

Elayna and Dumi the cat in a Spring/Summer vegetable garden.

Our delicious Myer Lemon tree with mature fruit.

Bob picking oranges from DeConna Ice Cream’s private grove to donate to a local food bank