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Please browse our offerings by clicking on the categories above for each species. Our store is secure and is set up to allow you to shop and make selections, automatically generate your invoice and take your payment through PayPal. Please remember the store operates on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to pay with a check, please select your snakes through the store, choose "pay by telephone" and complete your invoice and contact me. By completing an invoice, the snakes are pulled out of inventory, and then we can connect and complete the payment process.

All shipments are sent via Fedex Priority Next Day service. We only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays currently due to the massive increase in volume Fedex is experiencing currently due to Covid. In addition to shipping days, we request that you receive your snakes at a local Fedex Ship Center for safest delivery and to avoid the snakes being put on a potentially very hot or cold truck depending on the time of year. All shipments are hand delivered by us late in the day to our local Gainesville Florida terminal so they never get on a truck. Our goal as always is to do all we can to respect the animals and your investment by paying attention to the details and staying up on the latest news on the Fedex system. We want to ship you as soon as possible after your purchase, but please be patient as we want to allow the snakes sufficient time to digest food and be sure weather is satisfactory.

Terms: Live Arrival Guaranteed Only, no refunds, no exchanges. Snakes guaranteed to be sexed properly, mite free and feeding. If you have any issues, please contact me immediately so we can work through them. Each of these snakes, the Argentine boas in particular, have eaten 25 meals minimum and shed multiple times so issues are typically non existent. Our Argentine boas love to eat!

I strongly suggest three main things after your purchase. First, let the snake, no matter the species, settle in a few days before handling much or feeding, especially if you are a bit apprehensive at first. On feeding, start slow, feed small meals the first couple meals, mimic what we have been feeding your snake, especially with younger snakes. Provide the snakes a place to bask so they can properly digest food and increase their metabolism as needed. A warm spot in the mid to high 80's works great with an ambient cage temp preferably 75-80 degrees f. Each snake comes with lifetime support, don't hesitate to contact me for a quick consultation on temps or anything else. Respect the size of the meals the snake you are purchasing has been eating as we list that detail for each one. Why am I taking the time make these recommendations? To be sure you have the best experience possible and that we all treat the animals with the respect they deserve.

Story to learn from: We recently sold a young Argentine Boa to a customer who decided to feed it a first meal of a young chicken, approximately 4X the size of what we had been feeding it, within two days of receiving it. Guess what, it killed the boa, not a huge surprise whatsoever. This was the equivalent of buying a snake eating small rats and on its first meal you give it a jumbo rat with sharp feet and a beak. While I appreciate wanting to diversify the diet of your snakes, with Argentine boas, I recommend you wait until the age of two years old to introduce any type of bird into their diet. Personally, I don't feed birds to my Argentine boas and I have the experience of feeding thousands of bird meals. The recommendations we provide come from literally hundreds of thousands of repetitions over 34 years, not a few years of experience and not from someone else's recommendations. Over the years Ancient Reproductions has broken many barriers previously thought to exist in herpetoculture so we totally respect creative thinking in care and husbandry methods. BUT, when it comes to feeding for the first few weeks, go conservative, please take our recommendations and respect what the snake has been eating prior to you receiving it.

If there is anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to contact me directly using the information below. I respond the quickest to email or text as we get so many garbage phone calls these days unfortunately.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Warm Regards,

Bob Guerriere


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