Enclosures – Temp vs. Security

There are so many aspects to enclosures, I’m going to hit on just one basic concept in this post that might impact how you outfit your next enclosure. The concept is Temperature vs. Security and which one is driving the bus in your reptile’s mind? While we often don’t have unlimited space to provide our charges endless options, this concept could be one to consider the next time you “re-decorate” the interior of an enclosure or purchase something new in the future. Most of us have one “hide area” in our enclosures and one bask spot, traditionally at opposite ends. Therefore your snake (for this discussion, but this applies to a broader range of species) often can’t take advantage of both at the same time unless both are in the same place. Now your asking yourself…….Mmmm, while my snake is in the darker more private(and usually cooler) area of its enclosure, would it really prefer to be warmer? Should I provide multiple hide areas, some with heat? What benefit could there be to providing a bask opportunity along with maximum security? Ultimately, what desire outranks the other, temperature or safety? While you might be thinking……“Is Bob really just splitting hairs here?” I might be, but I think we should always strive for minimum stress while allowing our reptiles to choose the place they most want to hang out. I think this concept should be carefully considered for higher strung individuals, new imports, and with communal set ups. In these higher stress situations, allowing your reptile to bask a little while feeling totally secure could be critical to getting them to feed or to continue feeding while breeding in the cooler months for instance. Personally, I’m asking a lot of my reptiles and I’m working them hard and asking a lot of their bodies. If I can reduce stress and provide a more optimal temperature selection, I’m interested in trying it out. If you have a question regarding this topic, please email me at bob@ancientreproductions.com. Thank you! Bob Guerriere

Larger 8′ long x 39″ deep x 2′ tall enclosure with multiple lighting options. Security can be created with hide “boxes” and with cloth curtains that we hang off a piece of PVC affixed at the top of the enclosure.